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Why can I pick up traffic (TIS-B) on the ground but not weather (FIS-B)?

It is normal to be able to pick up traffic info while on the ground because you can get traffic information from two sources: air-to-air and from ground stations. However, weather information can only be picked up from ground stations. Typically, you won’t be close enough to a ground station while on the ground to receive weather updates. Weather information becomes available (most places in the US) at and above a few thousand feet AGL. To see a good estimate of when you should start to see weather information in your area please visit:-

ForeFlight says I am receiving 0 ADS-B Towers. Why?

If you are on the ground you won’t be able to receive weather info until a few thousand feet AGL. Reference question one to understand more about why this might be happening. If this is happening in the air, chances are that you are actually receiving weather info but it might be intermittent. This issue is usually due to not being at a high enough altitude. Try a higher altitude for that area.

My GPS is not picking up any satellites or has worse accuracy than normal.

If you are inside, that is most likely your problem. It will take the GPS unit longer to pick up the needed satellites for a lock. If indoors the GPS unit may never receive a lock depending on your location and position within the structure. If you are outside or in your aircraft make sure that the GPS unit has a clear view of the sky. Also, make sure that the part you’re facing towards the sky is the solid-humped-black-part of the GPS. Please note: – that on the first boot of the day the GPS may take some time to acquire a fix as it needs time to download all the satellites in its area. This can also happen if you take your unit to a new location without it being booted while in transit. It is normal and will (at most) take a minute or two.

Can I use other batteries/external power sources other than the stock battery?

Yes. However, there are a few things you must keep in mind when selecting a different battery/power source. The power source you use (whether that be a battery pack, wall charger, or a cigarette plug lighter adapter) MUST be able to output 2.4amps. Also please ensure that you are using a good quality, snuggly fitting, micro USB cable. A cheap longer cable or a weak power source can reduce the power your Stratux receives. This may result in intermittent connections or lack of unit functionality due to a lack of power (usually coupled with a WIFI network that you cannot connect to or one that drops out).


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